Cornerstone Life Skills Program

Travel, Computer Training Program

Program will run for 8 weeks every school term.
The cost of the Program is funded under NDIS.

About the Program

The focus of this Life Skills Program is Travel Training and Computer Training. Keeping up to date with the latest apps on your phone, computer and developing your skills to apply them in your daily tasks.

Traveling, reading timetables, and scheduling your day is important when needing to use public transport. The skills in this program will enable you to become independent when getting around.

Why join the Life Skills Program?

CORE ASSIST has developed a special Life Skills program for 2024, where the focus of this program is to increase knowledge and awareness with Technology and Transport. These two life skills, in which participants will be exposed to, challenged, and partake in numerous exercises and activities to increase their awareness of what is required to function productively in the community.

Through these experiences we hope they will gain the confidence, increased awareness and most importantly the independence all while enjoying the activities and building stronger relationships, interpersonal and lifelong functional skills.

The Life Skills program is run by a qualified instructors who will teach the participants some of the various skills needed to function independently in their home, work place and the community.

Ready to boost your independence?

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