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Independent living in A Residential Setting

Core Assist offers shared living choices to assist the disabled in their daily duties. Our NDIS daily tasks and shared living options give individuals with disabilities the opportunity to have their basic needs met while immersing themselves in a different environment. Learn more about the daily tasks and shared living NDIS arrangements available via Core Assist today.

Daily Tasks / Shared Living

Adoption and shared living are two concepts that are comparable. Here is how we view NDIS daily tasks and shared living opportunities. It is anticipated that the impaired individual will reside with the family in their home. They will be expected to participate in daily responsibilities and activities in the same way that a family member would. Along the way, the disabled person is encouraged to learn new information and form social ties with other people.

This approach combines in-home support from support workers, assistance from certified families and any other necessary resources to ensure the individuals’ well-being and independence.

What is shared living at Core Assist?

Core Assist is now offering NDIS daily tasks and shared living choices to assist the disabled in their daily duties and to promote a healthy lifestyle in a residential setting for the first time. Families and people who serve as role models in the community provide housing for those who choose to live in shared housing. Depending on the individual’s needs and goals, this may include assistance with personal care activities like grooming, dressing and bathing, household tasks, managing finances, maintaining a safe and healthy living environment and accessing community and social activities.

During the decision-making process, Core Assist will work closely with families and will encourage them to engage in the process as well. Disabled individuals’ interests and requirements are taken into consideration while making decisions. The caretakers in this group are strong, assertive individuals with exceptional leadership abilities. The shared families typically chosen by Core Assist are noted to have the following characteristics and responsibilities:

Benefits of Shared Living

What to expect from shared living?

Core Assist is in charge of managing, screening, researching, training, and compensating the host families. These generous individuals will be providing care in the comfort of their own homes. In order for a family to be certified as shared living providers, it must first be determined that they have the time and willingness to devote their life to serving the disabled population. This is an amazing opportunity to make a significant difference in the life of someone who already has a limited number of options.

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Core Assist is an NDIS registered service that aims to remove the stigma associated with the disabled community. If you have what it takes and have the time to dedicate, fill out the contact form or ring us at 1300 842 747. Alternatively, if you want to explore other options for your loved one, browse our available NDIS programs.