NDIS Group Centre Activities Sydney

Meet New People & Make New Friends

Find a supportive community, share experiences and build a strong sense of kinship.

Group/Centre Activities

Those who live with disabilities and take life one day at a time have established a strong sense of kinship among themselves. With our NDIS group activities in Sydney, we ensure that this sense of community is nurtured and cultivated. Our members can discuss their personal experiences, make new friends and share their interests with a steady support system that cares about their wellbeing. 

Why are group activities necessary?

Due to stricter pandemic regulations, it’s crucial for those with disabilities to make up for lost time and savour what life has to offer. Our NDIS group activities in Sydney are designed to provide much-needed social engagement for our members, keeping things interesting and stimulating in order to foster a new sense of belongingness. 

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These activities are particularly beneficial to members of the disabled community who are afflicted by chronic pain, arthritis or depression.

Team sports, such as basketball or netball, can bring the entire community together to support one another — these are just some of the NDIS group activities in Sydney you can be a part of! Our coaches, volunteers and staff are ready to help you out! 


Trauma from disability can take months or years to heal — which is why art therapy is an excellent NDIS group activity in Sydney to help you put your emotions onto the canvas. Build confidence and enhance your motor skills by getting creative with us! 

How Group Activities Can Help

Group activities are a great way to improve social skills — it’s a highly effective strategy for reducing social anxiety, allowing you to communicate with others and enjoy your surroundings. It is our recommendation that you actively participate in groups such as beach cleaning and community gardening. Participating in such groups will also enhance a feeling of belonging and achievement. 

Do you wish to volunteer?

Interested in helping other members enhance their skills through NDIS group activities in Sydney? Core Assist is always on the lookout for more volunteers to add to our already impressive team. The community at the assistive centre is extremely engaging and supportive of both the clients and the staff members who work there. 

In order to learn more about the services provided by Core Assists, as well as volunteer standards, please visit our website or call us on 1300 842 747.