NDIS Home Modifications Sydney

Home Modifications for An Easier & Safer Life

Core Assist will help make your home more accessible and appropriate for your family members with disabilities.

NDIS Home Modifications

At CORE ASSIST we care about making your home suit your specific needs. It may be necessary to make temporary or permanent adjustments to help everyone achieve their personal growth and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Are you ready to learn about home changes that will provide a smoother transition to independence.

Wheelchair access

Moving around freely in a wheelchair may not be an option for many individuals in their homes. Having a wheelchair ramp, wider doorways, wider hallways, handrails, or a chair lift to transport people to the second landing are just some of the wheelchair friendly features that can be implemented into you home.

Our qualified staff and professionals will make sure that all the appropriate measurements are made and the correct equipment is used to make those modifications possible. 


For people with a visual impairment, poor lighting can be a major obstacle. It can result in the individual bumping into things, tripping, or knocking things over. It can also cause a person to fall and sustain a serious injury. Lighting outlets and switches that are out of reach add to the difficulty of the situation.

Core Assist will install supplemental lighting fixtures to make it easier for people to move comfortable and safely around their home. Automated lighting and accessible switches can also help. We aim to provide you with long term solutions to make life brighter.

Floor And Décor Items

Slippery flooring or non-fixed furniture are other possible factors that might cause falls among the elderly or disabled persons. The individual may have limited or unsafe movement around their home because of poorly fixed furniture, rugs, or carpets.

Core Assist will do the maintenance and installation of rubber backing to the carpets and rugs. Also recommend floor treatments and traction strips to help prevent falls or trips.


Core Assist will assist you in the installation of glides, additional handrails and stairlifts so that you can confidently climb the stairs and move easily up and down your own home. In addition, we will upgrade and improve the lighting in the stairs to alleviate any further problems.


Falls are a hazard for the disabled community because of uneven and textured floors. Due to their navigational difficulties, they may purposely stop mobilising in order to avoid exerting extra energy. A change in flooring from hardwood to carpet, or vice versa, can be a difficult transition.

Core Assist will level the floor of the house, making it more accessible and easy to move around. Ramps will be smoothed out, and no area will be left with a steep enough gradient. It is a promise from us!


Falling on a slippery wet floor, climbing in and out of the bathtub and even going to the toilet can be a huge task for an individual with a disability.

Core Assist will install walk-in showers so the disabled person can roll a walker or wheelchair into the shower. The floor will also be coated with a non-slip layer to help reduce falls.

Core Assist will provide you with a cost estimate

Disabled housemates are constantly adjusting to new and different circumstances. So we should strive to collaborate for their safety and assist them in carrying out tasks so that they can live independently despite their physical limitations.