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Learn Life Skills, Live More Independently

Core Assist will guide a person with a disability to carry out chores on his/her own, step by step.

Development Life Skills

When domestic chores are completed in groups, it is a source of great delight for everyone involved. When a member is diagnosed with a disability, Core Assist recognises the difficulties that must be faced by the organisation. As a result, we provide specialised services so that our employees can assist the disabled in doing daily duties. It will facilitate the introduction of mobility within the home, which is the first step towards self-sufficient living.

Children and adults with disabilities necessitate additional care, thus it’s important that everyone pay attention.

There May Be A Delay In The Development of Abilities For A Disabled Person


The tasks will be introduced by the Core Assist personnel over the course of a series of events. The tasks are connected together in a chain. The act of brushing teeth will begin with the application of toothpaste to the toothbrush. As a result of following step-by-step directions, the duties will not become confused or overwhelming. As the disabled person grows, the task will become easier and familiar, allowing them to complete chores with minimal help. 

Visual learning

Core Assist also believes that establishing a visual prelude will assist the impaired in learning more quickly and effectively. Instead of simply expecting a client’s behavior to occur, Core Assist personnel will use graphics, videos, or words to ensure that the client understands the expectations. The images are tailored to each situation as needed to make it easier to navigate.

In addition, the team will prepare the parents to assist in the process. Because of the need for repetition and adaption of these visual aids, it is essential that the disabled memorize them in order to finish the task quickly.

Video Tutorials

While some disabled people can learn by following instructions, others use visual aids to assist them. The disabled person will gain more knowledge through watching videos. These tutorials will be provided by Core Assist. You can also download them or, for a small fee, have the tutorials tailored specifically to your child’s needs.

The majority of these tutorials will include the completion of daily activities. It can also be used to demonstrate the completion of a process. Most importantly, it will assist the individual in understanding where they need more guidance to help them gain a sense of accomplishment.


Core Assist also believes that current technology may be used to assist the disabled in their development and progression in life. Children and adults with disabilities will find it much easier to learn by using mobile applications. These tools are fully customisable, and they make it simple to schedule and categorise time in order to save waste.

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