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Household Tasks

Identifying and anticipating household tasks can be difficult for people with physical or mental disabilities. The stress of not being able to complete the task adds to the feeling of inadequacy and anxiety. As a result, the staff at Core Assist has been specially trained to provide comfort and familiarity to clients in order for them to be successful in their tasks. Core Assist will customise and accommodate tasks that are performed weekly, daily, or monthly.

Empowering NDIS Participants

How does Core Assist wish to overcome challenges?

Core Assist’s mission is to train and assist the disabled community in performing and learning basic tasks in the comfort of their own homes. In order to ensure that the disabled client completes his or her daily tasks, staff members are on hand to supervise, motivate, and guide the client. In order to meet your needs, Core Assist will provide you with the necessary trained and academically qualified individuals. 

They will assist in the performance of household tasks with the disabled in order for the clients to be able to live independently as long as is necessary.

Core Assist will speak with and assess the needs of the client before dispatching a consultant and staff to your location. In order to provide the best experience possible, we will create a detailed chart relating to the activities.

In order to help people overcome their inability to perform household tasks, Core Assist will make certain that the services are dependable and friendly. The staff will simplify the tasks and make it easier to accommodate the disabled person’s way of living.

Why Hire Core Assist?

It is more about assisting with domestic and household tasks than it is about providing services. It increases a person’s sense of well-being, allowing them to become more confident and productive. Instead of waiting for someone else to complete the tasks, the client is more likely to take the initiative and complete them themselves.

Keeping up with lawns, washing dishes, and stacking laundry can be difficult for many disabled individuals. At a reasonable cost, Core Assist will plan all of the necessary support to assist the clients in completing these tasks on their own.

Which tasks does Core Assist provide assistance in?

As a result of one’s disability and physical limitations, Core Assist understands how difficult it can be to complete daily tasks. Simple tasks such as cooking and washing dishes can become extremely taxing on the body and the mind when performed repeatedly. To prevent this feeling of unworthiness, Core Assist develops an NDIS support plan that includes, but is not limited to, the following services:

Your information is safe with us.

Core Assist will update the clients’ preferences as necessary. Furthermore, all medical information is kept under strict encryption to prevent data leaks. To hire our staff member or inquire more about our services, visit our website or ring us at 1300-842-747.

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