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Navigating The NDIS:
Your Journey Made Simple

Whether you’re new to NDIS or need assistance with your existing plan, we’re here to help.

Your Path to NDIS
Support Starts Here

At COREASSIST Disability Services, we understand that navigating the NDIS can be complex and challenging. Whether you’re exploring the possibility of qualifying for support or you’re already an NDIS funding recipient looking for assistance with your plan, we are here for you.

We’ve designed this questionnaire to simplify the process for you, answering essential questions, guiding you through the NDIS qualification process, and connecting you with our specialists for personalised assistance. Embark on your journey towards understanding and maximising your NDIS benefits with us today.

Determine Your NDIS Eligibility

Exploring the possibility of qualifying for NDIS support? COREASSIST is here to guide you. By answering a few straightforward questions, our tailored questionnaire can help determine your eligibility.

 Don’t worry if you’re unsure about anything; our specialists are just a click away to provide personalised assistance. Complete the form below, and we’ll be in touch to support you on your NDIS journey.

Need Assistance with Your Existing NDIS Plan?

Already have NDIS funding but feeling lost on how to use it? COREASSIST is here to simplify the process. Whether it’s understanding your plan’s expiration, the available funding, or the services you’re after, we’re committed to supporting you every step of the way.

Fill in the form below, and our experts will contact you to provide the guidance you need, ensuring you make the most of your NDIS benefits


Success Stories

Finding the right NDIS support was a struggle until I discovered COREASSIST. Their clear guidance and personalized care made everything simple. The questionnaire helped me understand my eligibility, and their team supported me at every step. I'm now making the most of my NDIS benefits.
Amina Patel
Navigating my existing NDIS plan was confusing until COREASSIST stepped in. They not only clarified my funding details but also assisted me in utilizing it effectively. The personal touch they provided made me feel valued and understood. Thanks to them, I'm living a more empowered life.
Carlos Rodriguez

Take the Next Step in Your NDIS Journey!

Whether you’re just starting out or need guidance with your existing plan, COREASSIST is here for you. Choose your path below, and let’s make your NDIS journey a successful one.