Celebrating Success: Nizar’s Journey with Core Assist

At Core Assist, we are privileged to witness the remarkable stories of resilience and achievement that unfold within our community. Today, we celebrate the extraordinary accomplishments of Nizar Al Maabreh, whose recent victory at the Australian Open Karate Championships for disabilities has illuminated the spirit and determination that we foster among our participants. Nizar, who lives with an Intellectual Disability, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Global Developmental Delay, and Speech Delay, has triumphed with a gold medal, shining as a beacon of hope and capability.

Nizar’s Inspiring Journey

As a dedicated member of the Core Assist family, Nizar’s journey from participant to Paralympian hopeful is a testament to the transformative impact of our support. His victory is not merely a personal achievement but a communal triumph that underscores the efficacy of our programs and services. At Core Assist, we don’t just support dreams—we forge pathways to make them achievable.

Our Vision and Mission

We envision a society where disability does not define who you are. Our mission at Core Assist is to deliver compassionate, quality, and innovative support to individuals in Western Sydney, aiding them in leading independent and fulfilling lives. It’s about creating a community anchored by empathy, respect, and integrity.

Our Core Values

Our foundational beliefs are what set us apart:
  • Inclusiveness: We cherish and value everyone’s uniqueness.
  • Quality: We are committed to continual improvement to deliver superior results.
  • Openness: We promote collaboration among stakeholders to foster innovative solutions.
  • Participation: We encourage active contributions from our community, especially those with disabilities.
  • Innovation: We constantly seek new methods to promote personal growth.
  • Honesty & Integrity: Our interactions are guided by authenticity and ethical practices.
  • Accountability: We are responsible for our actions and their outcomes.
  • Empathy: We strive to understand and share the feelings of our community.

Our Services

At Core Assist, we offer a broad spectrum of supports and services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients:
  • NDIS Programs: From holiday and weekend social programs to sports and independence initiatives, our services are designed to empower.
  • Daily Tasks/Shared Living: We provide personalised care that encompasses everything from grooming to community engagement.
  • NDIS Home Modifications: We ensure homes are adapted to meet the unique needs of each individual, enhancing comfort and accessibility.
  • Assist-Life Stage Transition: We support individuals through significant life transitions, celebrating each milestone.
  • Assist Travel Transport: Our comprehensive travel assistance extends beyond transportation, facilitating greater independence and integration.
  • Life Skill Building: We focus on making daily tasks opportunities for growth and independence.

Join Us on Your Journey

With Core Assist, each day is a step toward greater independence and fulfillment. Our commitment is to walk alongside you, providing personalised strategies to achieve your goals. Whether it involves home modifications, skill development, or community engagement, we are here to support you. Ready to explore how we can assist you in reaching your dreams? Contact us today, and let’s embark on this journey together. Your brighter future is within reach. For more information or to start your journey with Core Assist, reach out to our dedicated team. Let’s make dreams a reality together.

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