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Are you or a loved one seeking disability support services in Western Sydney? At Core Assist, we’re dedicated to helping people with disabilities maintain their independence and stay in their own homes. Our mission is simple — to empower you, focusing on your unique preferences and support requirements.

Travel Assistance To The Elderly

It is understood by Core Assist that each client’s transportation requirements would be unique. Taking a pupil on a school excursion as opposed to accommodating older citizens on an expedition is a good example of this contrast in approach. For this reason, Core Assist offers customised transportation services to disabled clients on an individual basis.

Core Assist works with a wide range of community organisations and households that require transportation for the elderly. Aside from that, many retirement homes and assisted living facilities in the New South Wales region are completely booked with a diverse range of retired or semi-retired folks who like to get out and participate in social activities.

Club tours, walking groups, group dinners and movie nights are just a few of the things that Core Assist will assist these persons in participating in.

Travel Assistance to individuals with special needs

Assisted travel does not have to be restricted to the elderly, as Core Assist realises. While we help in transporting senior residents to social and sporting events, our services are also available to individuals with special needs, including but not limited to those with mobility impairments. The drivers at Core Assist have a lot of experience driving people with disabilities.

Furthermore, our drivers are sensitive to their passengers’ needs and aware of cultural and socio-economic circumstances. Their understanding and empathetic approach to everyone will leave a lasting impression on their passengers. Core Assist does not make any concessions when it comes to the quality of assisted travel. It aspires to make it better in any way possible.

In addition, if requested, our friendly drivers will provide positive conversation for the passengers being transported. Social conversation makes the ride more upbeat and fun while offering a safe space for the passenger to feel confident in engaging in discussions without judgment. Core Assists’ goal is to make your travel experience favourable.

Travel Assistance to children

When Core Assist was founded, the Department of Education was already a major element of it. In New South Wales, we offer high-quality transportation to those that need it. Depending on the size of the youngsters, these vehicles have different capacities. The journeys are overseen by members of the Core Assist team and an experienced driver. It is our sincere belief that the carers and drivers are the backbones of the disabled community’s support system.

Why Hire Core Assist for travel assistance?

Our vision and goals of a more involved and active disabled population will be achieved through the use of Core Assist‘s transportation support services. Our travel help is not a stand-alone service; it is a package of services that includes other benefits as well. Core Assist will assist impaired adults in completing their everyday duties with the assistance of travel assistance, allowing them to live happily and independently in their own homes.

We also provide the following services:

Why Choose Core Assist?

Let’s Travel Together

In need of a dependable travel transport NDIS Sydney provider? Require driving or travel assistance in any situation listed above? Please do not hesitate to contact Core Assist. Our services are conducted by academically prepared professionals who can provide competent and dependable assistance from the beginning of your journey to your desired destination. 

For more information, please visit our assistance and eligibility page or reach out to us directly. Let us join you on the path to greater independence and empowerment!