Cornerstone Life Skills Program

Go Karting Program

Program will run for 8 weeks every school term.
The cost of the Program is funded under NDIS.


About the Program

The Go karting Program has been tailored to focus on driving techniques and race craft to provide current licence holders with a boost in their racing for all kids. Motorsport has been long considered as a male-dominated sport; however, it is continually becoming the scene where more girls and women are lining up on the track.

CORE ASSIST has developed a great relationship with Eastern Creek Karts in which participants will experience opportunities to develop their skills and feel a sense of accomplishment. The program is designed to teach kids about the responsibilities of Karting, maintaining the health of your Kart and safety while having fun.

Why join the Karting Program?

Each Term the participants will have an opportunity to participate in the Go Karting Program, in which they will engage in a structured and inclusive karting experience. This program runs for 6 weeks and aims to promote physical activity, social interaction, and skill development, fostering a sense of empowerment, independence, and confidence among participants.

Upon completion of the program, participants will not only have acquired valuable skills and education in kart maintenance, and safety, but also developed a sense of camaraderie, confidence, and resilience. This collaborative effort between Core Assist and Eastern Creek Karts represents a transformative journey towards inclusivity, empowerment, and recognition for individuals with disabilities in the thrilling world of motorsports.

Ready to boost your confidence?

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