Empowering Lives Through Daily Life Skills Development

Navigating life’s challenges requires a robust set of everyday skills, particularly for those living with a disability. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is designed to provide Australians with the necessary support to live as autonomously as possible. Core Assist, as a registered NDIS provider, specialises in life skills development, aligning our services with NDIS plans to offer a range of life skills training aimed at building your independence and living a fulfilling life.

The Intricacies of Life Skill Development

Life skill development is more than another activity we provide; it’s an integral aspect of personal development for every individual, especially those living with a disability. Within the framework of NDIS life skills development, the focus is on ‘capacity building,’ a pivotal category aimed at fostering independence and enhancing the quality of everyday life. Core Assist offers life skills development services that are specifically tailored to meet individual needs, be it mastering daily living skills or coping with the life challenges that come one’s way.

The Multifaceted Nature of Daily Living and Life Skills

Skills in daily life activities encompass a broad spectrum of capabilities. These range from personal care and hygiene to problem-solving and interpersonal communication skills. A well-rounded individual requires a balance of these life skills to manage their daily lives efficiently. Whether it’s handling household tasks, using public transport, or participating in social and community activities, mastering a range of life skills is integral to leading an independent and smooth life.

The Core Assist Advantage: Comprehensive Support and Training

Personal Care and Hygiene

Support workers at Core Assist are trained to offer more than assistance with daily living; they engage in skill development activities aimed at helping participants become as independent as possible. As part of our NDIS life skills development services, we focus on vital areas like personal hygiene and grooming, aiding in training and development of life skills that enable individuals to take control of these day-to-day activities themselves.

Communication and Social Skills

Effective interpersonal communication is essential for overall well-being. Our NDIS-funded life skills development programs provide comprehensive training in verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Our development services also extend to social skills training, ensuring that our participants can engage meaningfully with people in the community.

Navigating Public Transport and Daily Activities

Public transport can be a challenging terrain, especially for people living with disabilities. Core Assist provides in-depth training in this life skill as part of our development of daily living programs, giving you the confidence to navigate your way through public transport systems. This skill not only empowers you but also integrates seamlessly into the broader scope of managing daily activities and social participation.

Problem-Solving and Cognitive Skills

Core Assist’s life skills services extend to fostering essential problem-solving skills, covering both minor day-to-day challenges and complex life situations. These skills allow for a better understanding of life’s complexities and are either taught individually or through group activities, depending on individual needs and the structure of the NDIS plan.

The Impact and Benefits of Skill Development Programs

The ultimate objective of NDIS and Core Assist’s development programs is to improve the quality of life for people living with disabilities. Our skills development programs are customised to increase participants ability to live more independently, covering areas such as problem-solving, communication and independent living. The NDIS provides funding of supports like these to make a significant impact on participants’ lives, leading to a healthy, independent, and fulfilling life.


The life skills development services offered by Core Assist under the NDIS are a powerful tool for anyone striving to lead an independent life. From assistance with daily living to fostering a wide range of life skills, our aim is to help NDIS participants develop the skills they need to meet the challenges of life head-on.

Are you keen to embark on a journey of self-improvement? Get in touch with Core Assist today to discuss how we can help you live a fulfilling life, rich in opportunities and experiences.

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