Cornerstone Life Skills Program

Cooking Program

Program will run for 8 weeks every school term.
The cost of the Program is funded under NDIS.

About the Cooking Program

Meal planning and making healthy meals are important life skills that can make a big difference in how you feel and live. At CORE ASSIST, we know how meaningful it is for you to learn these skils. That’s why we offer NDIS-funded cooking programs to help you learn how to make tasty and healthy meals and get into good eating habits.
We would also like you to taste and experience preparing the food from different cultures. This is a great way to learn about different cultures, meet new people through the joy of food.

Why should I learn how to cook?

Being healthy and having better nutrition

When you prepare your own meals, you have control over what ingredients you use, and can make healthier choices. This means you eat food that is healthy and good for your body, which keeps you feeling your best.

Feeling more independent

When you cook for yourself, it helps you feel in control and that you can do this for yourself. Its excelent knowing that you can take care of yourself. You also get to decide what you want to eat.

Boosting your confidence

When you cook a tasty meal, you feel proud of what you’ve done. You can also share your food with friends and family, which can make you feel good about yourself. Plus, solving problems in the kitchen shows you can handle chalenges in other parts of life too

Learning a new skill

Cooking is a skil that wil last and improve over time. The more practise, the more knowledge you wil gain and be able to make different kinds of food. You wil be left feeling a have a sense of pride at what you can accomplish in the kitchen

Meet new people

Leaning to cook can help you make new friends by sharing these experiences. Cooking and sharing food are a fun way to make connections with others and enjoy each other’s company. You can join a cooking class or invite friends over for dinner.

Saving your money

Cooking at home can be cheaper than eating out or buying ready-made meals because you have control over the ingredients and can make dishes that fit within your budget.

Why join the Cooking Program?

CORE ASSIST has developed a special cooking program for 2024 in which participants will learn essential meal planning and preparation skills or develop their existing skills in cooking.

The cooking program is run by a qualified food specialist who wil teach the participants about the importance of food hygiene when preparing meals. The instructor wil also assist participants in preparing a variety of meals for the week. This program wil also teach participants how to do their food shopping at various locations such as the grocery store, markets, online etc. and work out which type of shopping best suits them.

Each program is run for 8 weeks which includes 7 weeks of cooking and meal prep classes as well as an excursion week where participants will be taken out on a special food tour/experience.

Ready to boost your cooking skills?

 Join our cooking skills program today and unlock a world of delicious possibilities!