Cornerstone Life Skills Program

Art Program

Program will run for 8 weeks every school term.
The cost of the Program is funded under NDIS.

About the Art Program

Making art is helping many people express themselves, without having to use words. It allows the artists to express their emotions through their work, whether it’s a drawing, a painting or even making something like a sculpture.

At CORE ASSIST we provide enriching experiences where the artist will have plenty of opportunities using different art mediums to create their own masterpiece.

Why join the Art Program?

CORE ASSIST has developed a special Art program for 2024 in which participants will learn art techniques specific to the art lesson they are involved in. Through their art they can express themselves and how they are feeling.

Our participant will also have plenty of opportunities to design and construct different things that will encourage a sense of determination and achievement , which can lead to engaging their interest in a new hobby.

The art program is run by a qualified instructors who will teach the participants about the different art forms, expressions, mood, feelings, communication and designing and constructing things. The participants will learn how to express these concepts through their works, and how ART can bring people together.

Ready to boost your Creativity?

 Join our art program today and unlock a world of fantastic possibilities!